How I Healed My Endometriosis

With nothing to lose, I rolled a small joint, laid down on the couch and inhaled a few puffs. Within moments, the death grip of my cramps began to lessen, the tension slowly fading away. I sunk back into the softness of my sofa and for the first time in years, experienced a deep sense of relief and release that I had forgotten was possible. Then, the unthinkable happened, I faded off to sleep. 

Bikepacking Across BC : The Kootenays

It was the first full day of our cross British Columbia bike trip that we’d been excitedly routing for the past four months. We had pieced together a map of as many gravel roads, repurposed rail beds, logging branches and bike trails as we could, doing our best to avoid bustling roadways and long stretches of pavement at all costs. We were ablaze with excitement for our path.  

Manifesting Friends in the Mountains

As we ascend the etched-in path, we buzz about our summer plans with even more gusto. Our bags, the final piece of the puzzle. Ultralight and incredibly packable, we’ll fold them into the bottom of our bike panniers as we roll across the dirt trails and gravel roads of British Columbia, making our way west to the Coast. 

The Epic Pandemic Project

On account of the pandemic, our dear friends sought after AirBnB now stood empty, with no signs of bookings for the foreseeable future. Not the type to sulk, they quickly saw the silver lining. It was an opportunity to revive the dark, dungeon of a basement below the BnB into a beautiful and modern, long-term dwelling that they could offer to the limited rental market in Nelson, BC.

How Housesitting Changed Our Lives

In return, we got to cuddle their cats, trail run with their dogs and collect their chicken eggs for our breakfast omelettes. We built fires in their wood stoves, shovelled their walkways and watered their house plants. We loved ‘trying on people's lives’ for weeks at a time, meeting their neighbours, reading their books, exploring their community and the local trails. They returned home just in time for us to move on to the next, novel adventure.

Bike Travelling B.C. on Winter’s Edge

“We started in Winfield and we’re heading for Winlaw,” I told him, “but that’s a few days away.” He smiled knowingly, looking over our bikes and then over us, as if to decipher if we were capable of the task at hand. “That’s ambitious,” he replied, still smiling, “you know, there’s probably going to be snow up there.”

Harvesting Legal Cannabis in Lake Country

‘Legal cannabis harvest job in BC’ I wrote in the search bar and hit enter. Milliseconds later, it appeared from the deep ether of the world wide web and sat at the top of the list. I read it aloud ‘Seeking Temporary Outdoor Cannabis Harvest Workers for October/November in Lake Country, British Columbia’. Mat smirked, “That’s it, that’s our job!”

The Best Advice from Newfoundland

As he scraped the bottom of his gelato container for the last bits of frozen treasure, he leaned over to us and in the most sincere voice that a Newfoundlander who just spent ten minutes telling hilarious stories and bad jokes can, he said, “You want to know the path to true happiness?”

Why We Cycled Canada’s Cabot Trail

Despite that it’s a world renowned cycling route, almost everyone we’d crossed paths with up until now, had advised against it. The roads are too narrow, the traffic too heavy and the mountainous efforts too hard, they said. We took their advice with a grain of East Coast sand, knowing from years of experience that drivers pay attention to different details than cyclists and that increasingly, people live in fear.

How We Hitchhiked Across Canada

“That’s ambitious,” one guy shouts, not entirely off the mark. We are, after all, standing on the outskirts of Nelson, B.C a mere 5,000 kilometres for our aspired destination. “Good luck,” yells another, as a second vehicle whizzes by with no signs of stopping.