The Power of So What?

This simple but powerful act of direct confrontation towards your inner judge not only reduces its seemingly unshakeable self-defeating strength, it also allows you to stand tall in your power. It helps you recognize that what you think is some irreparable mistake, or some end of the world happenstance, or some truth that will always be, is really just a small bump in the road on the journey of life and learning and love. 

The Epic Pandemic Project

On account of the pandemic, our dear friends sought after AirBnB now stood empty, with no signs of bookings for the foreseeable future. Not the type to sulk, they quickly saw the silver lining. It was an opportunity to revive the dark, dungeon of a basement below the BnB into a beautiful and modern, long-term dwelling that they could offer to the limited rental market in Nelson, BC.

How Housesitting Changed Our Lives

In return, we got to cuddle their cats, trail run with their dogs and collect their chicken eggs for our breakfast omelettes. We built fires in their wood stoves, shovelled their walkways and watered their house plants. We loved ‘trying on people's lives’ for weeks at a time, meeting their neighbours, reading their books, exploring their community and the local trails. They returned home just in time for us to move on to the next, novel adventure.