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QiWiz Ultralight Trowel : Gear Review
Garage Grown Gear / October 2021

I must confess I’ve had poor backcountry bathroom etiquette for much of my adventuring life. When it came to pooping in the great outdoors, my approach was, well … kind of crappy. This year I made a pact to myself, the planet and all nature lovers that I would do better. The natural first step was to acquire an ultralight titanium backpacking trowel from QiWiz so that I had no excuse not to do good on my doo.

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The Standard by Dandee Pack : Gear Review
Garage Grown Gear / September 2021

From the moment I first laid eyes on The Standard by Dandee Packs, I was in love. The long, lean, flat black body embedded with a subtle diamond inlay was in perfect contrast to the black and white ‘Gridstop’ accents on the side pockets and front straps. It was so incredibly handsome I wanted to wear it right away. So I did.

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How to Train Your Brain For Adventure
Garage Grown Gear / August 2021

Every adventure holds the potential for stressful situations to take place. Our ability to respond favourably to these stressful situations lies in our capacity to acknowledge, accept and problem solve each experience with creativity, mindfulness and tact. 

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Matador NanoDry Towel : Gear Review
Garage Grown Gear / August 2021

I was so excited when both the large and small Matador NanoDry Towels arrived at my doorstep on a sunny Monday morning, just in time for a bike ride to the beach and a dip in the Pacific Ocean. I fell in love with both colorways right away, the charcoal grey is the perfect shade to hide stains while the forest green is natural, beautiful and calming. The perfect mix. 

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How Food Impacts Our Adventures
Garage Grown Gear / August 2021

While what we eat (and what we ate) can help us perform incredible feats, bask in the beauty of adventure and appreciate life’s little moments, it can also wreak havoc on our bodies (which includes our mind), if we aren’t conscious of the quality, quantity and frequency of said intake.

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Gaining the Ridge
Freya Magazine / July 2021

“What was remarkable to me at the time,” reminisces McMullen, “was that the struggle that I perceived to be mine and mine alone was actually a shared struggle. Women and girls reached out to me to share their own stories and it was then that I realized through my struggle, perhaps there was an opportunity to prevent the next generation of girls from spending decades of their lives second-guessing their worth.”

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Adventure Ready : 8 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
GarageGrownGear / July 2021

A few years back, I realized that I wanted to be able to hike further, climb higher and adventure longer all while carrying myself, my backpack and my overnight gear with more comfort and ease.

I also wanted to be able to think, feel and behave better while doing it. I knew that in order to do so, I would need to become a stronger, fitter, more optimal version of myself in mind, body and spirit. 

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The Camping Cure
Kind Mag / July 2021

Camping is a fun, easy and engaging way to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and Mother Nature while being far cheaper and more effective than most forms of modern day therapy.

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Wild, from Fear to Power on International Women’s Day
KIND Mag / March 2021

The thought of going on a solo backcountry hiking trip terrified me, which is exactly why I knew I needed to do it. Although I had lived in the BC mountains for most of my adult life, I was still scared of the possibility of wildlife encounters gone awry or being caught in a vulnerable situation as a woman alone in my tent. 

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Ice, Ice Baby : A Running Love Story / February 2021

It’s the type of running that anchors you in the present moment, the deep now. Eyes transfixed on the undulating terrain, meticulously manipulated by nature’s dance of the melt-freeze. Propelling myself with precarious steps along the slick, trodden path, I’m reminded of the masses of people communing with nature in an attempt to stay healthy and sane amidst the madness of the moment. 

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25 Things I Learned Getting High & Riding My Bike Across Canada – Twice
Kind Magazine / February 2020

6. Resistance builds resilience.If you decide to ride your bike across Canada, you will face swarms of mosquitoes, massive mountain climbs, wild weather and nutso drivers. But every adversity you overcome makes you that much stronger, smarter, fitter, faster and well-equipped to face the plethora of challenges that life will throw your way.

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My Love for Running
iRun Radio / March 2021

I got to sit down with iRun Radio’s Mark Sutcliffe last week and ramble about my endless love for trail running (which starts at 32:58).

It was fun to reflect on my last five years, transforming from being fitness-averse and ashamed of how much I loved running to the acknowledgment, love and acceptance of how trail running makes everything in my life better.

Listen to it here.

A Love Letter to THC
Kind Magazine / March 2020

As I continue to run and breathe and climb, the intuition of my body merges with the expansion of my mind and I align in a state of ecstasis—pure and total bliss. Immersed simultaneously in my body, mind and surroundings, I feel deeply connected within myself, but also to something beyond. A smile spreads across my face and I am overcome with joy. This is the moment I came here for.

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