Bikepacking to Backpacking : Sunshine Coast Trail

Being that we also loved trekking around by foot on the forgiving forest floor, we decided to cap off the bikepacking mission with a backpacking adventure, roaming along the aforementioned Sunshine Coast Trail, giving our bodies (and butts) a little break from the saddle. That goal was suddenly in our grasp.

Bikepacking the Lower Sunshine Coast, BC

The lake was tranquil and warm with a long wooden dock jutting out into the sparkling waters directly across from their site where we could swim with Western Painted Turtles and bask in long rays of sunshine. The temptation to stay was palpable, but there was a stirring inside us both. Adventure beckoned, the unknown called and we decided to rail ahead.

Bikepacking BC : Sea to Sky Trail

Eventually, the 180 kilometres of existing and proposed trail will be seamlessly connected from the sky-piercing, snow capped mountains at the north end of the Sea-to-Sky corridor in D’arcy, along British Columbia’s undulating wet coast through Whistler and down into the southside of Squamish where the river runs thick with pink Pacific Salmon from the Strait of Georgia.

Backcountry Bikepacking in BC with the Grizzly Bears : South Chilcotin Mountains

“BEAR!” I yell, grabbing my breaks and squealing to a stop. Mat follows suit. In that moment, time slows to a crawl as a massive mama grizzly rises up on all fours from her bed in the tall grass. She’s so close that we can see her slobber swaying back and forth, sloshing around on the sides of her jowls. The hair on her hump stands straight as an arrow as her beady eyes make instantaneous sense of the situation

Bikepacking Across BC : Boundary / Okanagan

The old man’s advice was well heeded as we rounded the corner at the top of Phoenix Ski Hill at the exact moment that the clouds parted ways and sent handfuls of dime sized hail showering down upon us. We dashed for the empty undercover and hid in the sanctity of the beat up, brown shelter that suddenly seemed like a luxury hotel.

Bikepacking Across BC : The Kootenays

It was the first full day of our cross British Columbia bike trip that we’d been excitedly routing for the past four months. We had pieced together a map of as many gravel roads, repurposed rail beds, logging branches and bike trails as we could, doing our best to avoid bustling roadways and long stretches of pavement at all costs. We were ablaze with excitement for our path.  

Bike Travelling B.C. on Winter’s Edge

“We started in Winfield and we’re heading for Winlaw,” I told him, “but that’s a few days away.” He smiled knowingly, looking over our bikes and then over us, as if to decipher if we were capable of the task at hand. “That’s ambitious,” he replied, still smiling, “you know, there’s probably going to be snow up there.”