Backpacking the Juan de Fuca Trail

The understory of the forest bursted brillant gradients of green all around us. The electric mosses swept the forest floor while dark green fingers of ferns reached out from the brown ground, stacked one on another on another until you couldn’t tell where one began and another ended.

Bikepacking to Backpacking : Sunshine Coast Trail

Being that we also loved trekking around by foot on the forgiving forest floor, we decided to cap off the bikepacking mission with a backpacking adventure, roaming along the aforementioned Sunshine Coast Trail, giving our bodies (and butts) a little break from the saddle. That goal was suddenly in our grasp.

Manifesting Friends in the Mountains

As we ascend the etched-in path, we buzz about our summer plans with even more gusto. Our bags, the final piece of the puzzle. Ultralight and incredibly packable, we’ll fold them into the bottom of our bike panniers as we roll across the dirt trails and gravel roads of British Columbia, making our way west to the Coast.